• sunstar332

    SunStar 332

    Enjoy a nap or just relax for a 20 minute maximum tanning session in the 3x beds, with three Xtreme reflection facial bulbs, or the 2x beds, for those who don't want to tan the face separately! All of the SunStar beds also include body cooling systems, EZ touch spring lift systems, individual speaker systems with adjustable volume, one button start and automatic or manual shut off.

  • sundome548v

    SunDome 584v (Turbo Tan)

    Perfect for those that want a tan on the run, our "Turbo" system provides you with an excellent tan in a maximum 10 minute session. These vertical tanning booths are shaped to place you at the center of the tanning intensity, providing you with a perfectly even, no bed contact, tanning experience. A large overhead fan and individual speaker systems with adjustable volume create a relaxing, cool, and enjoyable atmosphere.


With three levels of UV tanning intensity and Smart Tan Certification, LAE Beauty is the perfect tanning bed location!


Bed tanning is the perfect way to have a beautiful, healthy, tan and get a natural supply of vitamin D. At LAE Beauty, its easy to get a base tan so that you don't burn when you go out, develop a rich tan so you look like you just got back from a tropical vacation, or create a healthy glow before your next function or date. This is all while enjoying our relaxing and meditative tanning atmosphere.

TURBO & BEDS (Unlimited)

  • 1 Week $29
  • 1 Month $59
  • 2 Months $89
  • 3 Months $135


  • 1 Week $20
  • 1 Month $39
  • 2 Months $59
  • 3 Months $89

*Unlimited packages run for time purchased. LAE Beauty credits additional days for being closed on Sundays. Client may freeze account once per month.


  • 1 Session $10
  • 3 Sessions $25
  • 5 Sessions $45
  • 10 Sessions $75
  • 20 Sessions $135


  • 1 Session $8
  • 3 Sessions $18
  • 5 Sessions $25
  • 10 Sessions $45
  • 20 Sessions $80

*Florida Law and LAE Beauty require all tanners use proper eyewear. LAE Beauty is a proud member of Smart Tan.